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Thread: Research Request - Are you a carer?

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    Research Request - Are you a carer?

    Do you support, care or look after someone unpaid who currently claims or has claimed disability benefits until they were reassessed?

    My name is Helen Foster, an MSc student from the University of Liverpool Online, researching the impact of welfare changes on the informal carers of disability benefit claimants. We are currently looking for people who look after, care or support unpaid for someone who due to disability, chronic condition and/or mental health issue currently claims or has claimed UK Department for Work and Pensions disability benefits (ESA and/or DLA/PIP) until they were reassessed through the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Assessment.

    To be eligible for this study you must be over the age of 18 and not diagnosed with any mental health issue.

    To find out more and to take part please go to

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    Re: Research Request - Are you a carer?

    no, only in a paid capacity in a dementia residential care home, sorry, hope you get the people you need

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    Re: Research Request - Are you a carer?

    This post is really old - 2017 - a spammer made it active again so please ignore it.

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    Re: Research Request - Are you a carer?

    It is very important to provide support to everyone who needs it, especially for those who cannot take care of themselves due to physical or mental health problems. I also thought about it as a graduate student, and now, 10 years later, I have become the mother of an adopted autistic boy. Thanks to the help of local fostering agencies, I managed to get the necessary permits quite quickly. Therefore Max did not have time to get used to the social shelter after the death of his biological parents. I can't say that being a foster parent is easy. But I think it's very important to help children.
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