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Thread: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    I too have an endoscopy booked.

    Started getting headaches last week so I went to the doc again, They have decided that due to the fact i have been on the omezrapole for over a month and the symptoms have not changed, they can justify the endoscopy. had a blood test as well for everything under the sun i think.

    Waiting to see what those results are, I personally think this is all anxiety. I've had a tough year. a really tough year. I am anxious about health issues anyway. I think my body is reacting to the high levels of stress I have been under.

    I have stopped taking the omezrapole. no difference really. wake up with slightly more mucus that normal.

    The new thing is the headaches. sudden random dizzyness for maybe 5 seconds. and a feeling of dred. I think this is a panic attack. but I do not know.

    the way I see it. I was fine before. I will find a way to be fine again.

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    Just to Keep you all updated,

    I finally had my Nasal Endoscopy and this has confirmed LPR or Silent Reflux.

    I will now attempt to make changes to fix this.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    Glad you finally confirmed what it was.
    I've had a chronic tightness in my throat for over a year now and it's been driving me insane. For a long time I was convinced that it was LPR, however after 6 months of taking omeprazole and after finding that the diet didn't make any difference I stopped.
    Despite this though, apparently stress in general can cause a lot of things to happen in your throat muscles (or so the doctors tell me), and I've also seen many stories of people getting rid of their LPR symptoms from taking antidepressants. I know it's not exactly the same, but I do believe that there is a huge link between globus and lpr.
    I'm going to try and look for some herbal remedies for my throat tightness. As of now, I've tried taking both valerian root and l-theanine but I still haven't gotten any results yet. However, if I do find something that works I will make a post about it.
    Anyway, really hope you guys find a cure!

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    Hey all, I'm also struggling with this.

    - my throat is sore / inflammed daily, getting worse after meal
    - therefore, my ears and eyes also sore
    - frequent choking / losing breath / wake up during the night sleep
    - warm fluid in right throat-ear
    - stomach gurgling which goes up to the throat. Sometimes it's just in the thoat

    And, yeah, I guess anxiety plays huge part to my throat

    @Fishmanpa: I read about your low FODMAP suggestion. Could you tell me how many years have you been dealing with:
    - reflux
    - is it LPR
    - taking meds (I read you take it like a candy in one of your posts)

    After I read more about FODMAP I immediately tried eliminating just some foods and I think I feel better, GERD-wise. The problem here is that I think I have histamine intolerance too, as whenever I eat things like lime etc. that has high histamine on them, I got LPR / allergic reaction. I know doing both low FODMAP and histamine diet can really deplete me, but I'm willing to do anything to control my GERD as I'm really frustrated knowing that, medically-wise, GERD can only be cured with surgery. At least, I think I'm going a bit aggresive toward my diet for now, and then later I can add again more heathy foods.

    Thanks all.
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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    Hi Guys,

    Unlikely anyone following this thread will see this,

    a few days off two years ago I posted last and I wanted to give a follow up. Mainly because it would appear on most LPR related threads, you never get that follow up. and people spend forever searching for some form of helpful or even positive story.

    * I want to start off by making it very clear I am not a medical professional, please take the following as a matter of opinion coupled with personal experiance. NOT fact.

    After having some inspiriation this evening I wanted to let you all know that in the last 6 months. My symptoms have vanished. they were slowly easing off for almost a year with a few (shall we say) relapses here and there.

    So what has changed with me in that time?

    Well a fair bit.

    - Girlfriend (Now Ex-girlfriend, Is happy and well)
    - I have switched jobs and moved to a new city.
    - Still Smoke (Booo!)

    I genuinely am enjoying my day to day a lot more than i was two years ago.

    I tried and tried all these different things people suggest.

    I have probably spent close to 1000 on random LPR cure stuff. Every pill known to man. every supplement, pillow,diet book, akaline water brand. you name it.

    But I can only credit my current lpr remission to one thing. I stopped giving it my time. I stopped fixating on forums, posts and the fear of OMG this is awful. and eventually i forgot about it.
    now I appreciate that some people have this worse than others. what works for some will not work for others etc etc. but I think there is definately something worth considering when it comes to stress/anxiety and its manifestation.

    I will update with any further updates if I ever need to.

    "Sick and tired of being sick & tired"

    Life ain't always a party but we gotta do it because its required.

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    Hi Kyle

    I'm really glad you posted this update and so pleased you're feeling better!
    I don't post much here anymore but I check back on this forum occasionally, as many years ago I had throat issues which stemmed from a choking incident and more recently (last 2.5 years) I've had very similar issues to you. I remember reading your original post. Like you, my problems were narrowed down to LPR although I've never been convinced of this because NONE of the LPR remedies (drugs or diet) ever made the slightest difference and I still have the symptoms. Tight throat, constant discomfort, feeling like I need to clear throat all the time and constantly trying not to. Like you, my symptoms disappear when I go to bed and for the first 2 hours or so when I get up. I'm sure it's all anxiety related as sometimes the symptoms also disappear if I'm really concentrating hard on something else. I'm a lot older than you, but having this for nearly 3 years now is really wearing me down. It was good to read your post and know that someday this might disappear. So yes, someone is reading and is grateful for the update

    I'm glad things are ok with your ex girlfriend too.

    Best wishes

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    I know it's a while since you posted but I searched for LPR and found your thread. I have been diagnosed with this by ENT and waiting for an appointment for endoscopy. I am really anxious about what they might find and I know this is making me worse. Omeprazole doesn't seem to be helping and I have been on the low FODMAP diet for 2 years for IBS.

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    Re: Daily Struggle - LPR Advice Please

    Thanks for the follow up, Kyle. Glad to hear you’re doing better. Keep us posted.

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