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Thread: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

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    Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

    Hey guys. I will try to keep this short...

    I somehow became infected with Campylobacter and became symptomatic on May 19th. The diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and pain was just unbearable. Sadly, this didn't resolve on its own and I had to be put on two courses of antibiotics. Had stool tests and the bacteria has finally gone.

    My stomach is now recovering from being ripped inside out and I can't seem to go 3-4 days without having diarrhea. My doctor ensures me that I'll be fine and there's nothing sinister going on. However, as of yesterday, my diarrhea had a completely different 'look' to it.

    The stool itself is a light/medium brown, which is what I've been experiencing for the last 2 months. But now there appear to be thousands (and I mean thousands) of pinprick tiny grain-like dots mixed in. The whole stool is covered in them. From far away, they look black but on closer inspection, they seem to be a dark red. Between the fingers, they feel like tiny grains of sand.

    I took a small sample to show my GP yesterday and she seems to think it's normal and I shouldn't be worried. I've had 2 bowel movements today and it's still happening. I should add that I've been on a diet of nothing but plain chicken, plain fish, plain rice, plain toast & bananas. The only drinks I've had are water or herbal tea.

    I've just been given the green light to introduce normal foods back into my diet.

    Should I be worried about these tiny little specks in my stool - not joking, there are thousands? Or is my GP right that it's nothing?

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    Re: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

    Wow... sounds like a nasty experience, glad you're recovering. Your doctor isn't worried nor should you be. Your just getting back to eating normal foods for goodness sakes so give your body time to adjust and heal.

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

    Thanks. I'm honestly trying not to worry!

    I think the only reason I'd be concerned is because of the bland diet I've been on. My stools started to improve and I didn't have diarrhea for a whole week.

    But these little specks started appearing while I was still on the bland diet, so I was confused as to not only why I'm suddenly getting diarrhea again but also why it suddenly looks significantly different to anything I'd seen before!

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    Re: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

    The black specks are usually parts of undigested food, especially fruits and fibrous veggies. If you're still feeling sick, maybe ask doctor to do a parasite check?

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    Re: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

    I realize this thread is over 3 years old but I was curious if there was ever any resolution. I am experiencing similar symptoms. Did you end up being tested for parasites?

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    Re: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool


    I just want to tell you that when doctors order stool culture, they usually ( at least in the US, and I see that you are in the US too), test for everything, literally. It includes pathogen bacteria, parasites and Ova ( cannot remember what that is). I know this because almost 5 years ago I got Clostrodium Difficile intestinal infection (2 extremely potent wide-range antibiotics given at the same time destroyed my gut flora, and this one took over), and that is how I was tested and diagnosed. So, I am just saying that he was probably checked for parasites too.

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    Re: Millions of tiny specks in light brown stool

    Thanks for the response, Lana. I too contracted C. Diff in the past 18 months from antibiotic over use. However, since then my stools have never fully returned to normal. Still loose. Like the OP of this thread, I have noticed tons of tiny brown/red/specks all throughout in the past month or so. Was curious if he/she ever has any resolution. Clearly, my gut has not fully healed and I was interested in other avenues (parasites, etc.) to explore.

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