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    Scared..blood test results show high protein

    Hi all
    This site is great . I struggle with Heath anxiety and I just got lab results sent to me and I am freaking ouT
    This is what has been going on..

    Ahout two weeks ago I got this ridiculous headache it started in the back of my head and lasted for a week.. when I finally couldn't take it anymore I went to urgent care and they sent me to the ER to rule out blood clot. CT scan was. Clear.. at the ER they hooked up to an IV and gave me an elixir of medicines that worked and the headache was gone. It hasn't been back since! Followed up with dr yesterday And he did some blood and urine work. My cholesterol is high (I eat a lot of fried food :() and I had bacteria in my urine (prob UTI).. but then I noticed on my liver blood work my proteins were high. Total protein is 8.2 which is the max normal range but my globulin is 4.2 (normal range max is 4) and my albumin is 4 making me A/G ratio .96 which is considered abnormal. Has anyone had any experience with this?? The rest of blood work was within normal range but some results on the higher end . Googling it has been terrible and I am driving myself crazy. My dr is on vaca for the rest of the week. I start my new job next week starting my professional career and like can't handle this at this time.

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    Re: Scared..blood test results show high protein

    Hi did you ever get to the bottom of this, mud mums going through the same and I’m worried after googling x

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