Hi All

I am currently having a bad period of anxious depression and have been upping clomipramine from 30mg(the dose I have been on for 5 years) to 70mg and I can't say I feel any better, just as anxious/depressed but have been messaging PDU for some advice on dosing. Anyway I have gone to 100mg tonight and gonna try to give it a shot until my next GP appt on 26th April, so at least I will have given it a go and then if I am better or worse I can report back to Doc. Wanting to ask if anyone in this thread is still on a TCA and if so how are they getting on with it. I need some moral support. I can't tolerate SSRI's, so really hoping this increase helps. I am not really sure if I have had any side effects from the increase yet as it is hard to tell what is me and what is anxiety. Heart rate is speedy but it was anyway with anxiety just before Christmas, so again hard to say if it is the clom. x