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Thread: Worried about my cats going under general anesthetic

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    Worried about my cats going under general anesthetic

    So my 2 eldest cats who are 11, both went to the vets yesterday and while doing a dental check up, we were told their teeth needed cleaned badly plus two extractions each. One cat's teeth is worse than the other and his teeth were described as dangerous since teeth problems in cats can lead to heart and kidney problems, so they are booked in for their op on 16th Aug.

    I asked if the vet would be running tests before the op and she said "if you like". I thought blood tests to check their liver and kidneys before putting them under were mandatory. I insisted she run every test applicable to the surgery before putting them under as well as calling me with test results before they get put under. She did admit there's risks but has to be done and there's risk even for younger pets.

    As you can imagine, I'm dreading this appt. The last time they were put under was when they got neutered as kittens years ago and I didn't have them at that point so I don't know if they took the anaesthetic well since I didn't adopt them until they were 6. I've heard so many horror stories about older pets especially not waking up from anaesthetic :( I feel like I can't do right for doing wrong - don't get them the surgery and they will be in pain and could lead to further problems or do the surgery and possibly you know what could happen. I need to go through with it, I am just worried.

    Do you have any experience of any pets getting put under, especially older pets? Were they ok?
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    Re: Worried about my cats going under general anesthetic

    I totally get this! We tend to worry about our furry children as much as our own human children These days, there's very little risk as they really do take every precaution.

    I have to take our boy for his rabies shot and he is just unmanageable at the vets office. He turns into a wildcat! I literally have to put on elbow length leather gloves, grab him from the car, take him in and hold him down while the vet gives him his shot. Then I run back out and put him back in the car! ~lol~ Now, he's going to be 7 and has not had an actual physical exam since he was about 1 year old! He needs a full physical and work up at this point and I'm dreading it!

    So... I spoke to the vet and they gave me two gabapentin pills. I take gabapentin for nerve pain. I'm really leery of giving it to him (if I can even get him to take the capsule) even after reading that it's very common and safe for the pet. I'll have to just suck it up and find a way to do it.

    Mention your concerns to the vet and I'm sure they'll be able to reassure you.

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