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Thread: Pregnancy and Anxiety

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    Pregnancy and Anxiety


    Im currently 27 weeks pregnant and I suffer with anxiety, panic attacks and a bit of agrophobia.

    Please dont judge me, but I have seen a perinatal consultant who has put me on 50mg Sertraline. Ive been on this for 8 weeks now. Initially, I felt a bit better, my depression lifted slightly and so did my anxiety.

    The last couple of weeks has been a real struggle. I feel as if Im back to square one again. Im constantly dizzy, feeling like I will collapse, having palpitations, a couple of panic attacks and am getting depressed again.

    Even today, I walked to the local shops with my daughter to buy her an ice cream and coming back, I felt as if I was drunk and swaying all over the pavement. After this, I spoke to my perinatal consultant, who wants me to increase the Sertraline to 100mg. She said my palps and dizziness are probably due to hyperventilation. The thing is Im not concious of hyperventilating - does it just happen without me realising?

    Can anyone give me any advice please?

    Is this a high dose?

    Are there any pregnant women out there that would be kind enough to pm me?

    Will this dose of Sertraline stop all the horrible anxiety problems?

    Thanks for reading this - Lizzie xx

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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    Hi there Lizzie,
    its its of any reassurance to you, when I was pregnant I suffered terribly with anxiety, I look upon my pregnancy with no fond memories whatsoever.

    I am trying for another baby now and I know that I will not put myself through that again, I will continue to take my medication.

    I'm sure that I will be shot down in flames for this but please understand my reasoning. Drug addicts, alcoholics etc have babies all the time, and although I know the babies suffer withdrawl at birth, i'm sure your medication cannot be as harmful. I suppose I am trying to say don't feel guilty, you must weigh up the benefits to you which will then benefit your baby.


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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    Hi there Lizzie,

    I'm afraid I can't answer the specific questions you're asking, all I can do is try and encourage you and give you hugs.

    I'll stick my neck out and say I'm sure your consultant has weighed up all the pro's and cons of what meds to give you, and how and if they will affect baby, and has advised you accordingly.

    Much better for your baby to have a mum who has her anxiety and Panic under a degree of control.

    As Rachy says, teust the advice you've been given and don't feel guilty about it. It's quite obvious you have your baby's interests at heart as well as your own.

    Big hugs

    ...Nothing takes the past away like the future...

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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    Hi there Lizzie.

    I didnt suffer with anxiety til after I had my daughter, so I'm not sure about pregnancy. Though I do know I was dizzy etc, but that was because I was anaemic!

    I'm sure your consultant will know what's best. They will be taking the pregnancy into consideration when prescribing for you. When I started meds I'm on now I was good for couple of weeks, then worse again. My doctor increased it til it was right for me.

    Dizziness is caused by hyperventilation and adrenaline. I learned a lot about adrenaline here. It causes so many symptoms in our bodies, and none of them are sensible. Palpitations and dizziness are my first symptoms, and a tight chest. Even when I dont realise I feel anxious. I can usually slow down my breathing, making my out breath longer and slower than my inbreath, which really helps balance things out again. Distraction also helps if I am feeling particularly bad.

    Hope u feel better soon.

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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    Hi Lizzie,

    I suffered BADLY w/anxiety w/my last pregnancy. As I've mentioned before some unlucky members of NMP got to witness it firsthand. It was a nightmare for me.

    Here's my take on medication during pregnancy. A lot is unknown about the long-term effects that meds will have on a baby..because there aren't a lot of women that are willing to take the risk to be the for lack of a better word *guinea pig*. I say trust your doctor and know your limits. I suffered terribly w/it, and I don't know that I could do it again w/out medications.

    Anxiety is terrible to have and in my opinion can be detrimental to an unborn baby. If the medication you are on is not working maybe you try some adjustments w/it. Be an advocate for you and your baby.

    I wish you lots of luck hun, and no judging here.

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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    Hi Lizzie,

    Anxiety is not an illness. You know fear feeds off fear. SO try to control it by yourself. I know it is difficult but you should try it for your baby. Even IM planning to have a baby this year but IM also a bit anxious. I will try my best. During anxiety you should not pull back but accept & fight the situation. If the doctor has prescribed medication for you. I think he knows what is good and bad. So go for it.

    Wish all the good things for you & your angel.

    God bless you.



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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    Hi Lizzie,

    Perhaps you could have a look at this website (if you haven't done so already): http://www.depression-in-pregnancy.o...p=Aboutus.html

    Don't be put off by the name of the site - it covers anxiety and agoraphobia as well. Antenatal anxiety is becoming an increasingly recognised condition in pregnancy. Hope this gives you some more info.

    Best wishes

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    Re: Pregnancy and Anxiety

    100mg is an average dose so not to worry on that score can go up to 200mg I believe. If the meds work they should help tremendously with the panic but you may have to change if they arent working in a few weeks


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