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Thread: Dent / Dimple in Breast

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    Dent / Dimple in Breast

    Hi, I have 2 issues which I would like help on please. The other week I discovered a dent/dimple under my boob. Went to emergency doc who confirmed the dent and said she thought she could feel a lump which I couldn't feel. She was not reassuring in any way about what it could be other than cancer. I went private and got appt next day for mammogram and ultrasound. Breast surgeon said my lymph nodes were fine, he could feel no lump, mammo and ultrasound were clear and I have fatty breasts which I believe are good for detecting abnormalities?? He said there was no need for a MRI. But they didn't give me an explanation at to what the dimple could be caused by. I am 54 with biggish boobs and am overweight (in case that is relevant). So after initial euphoria, I am worrying that maybe they missed something and that something must be causing the dimple and why didn't they do the MRI. I would feel better if I knew why the dimple appeared!! I like facts

    I had been prescribed some medication for my health anxiety which I decided to start taking last week although I hated doing it. On Saturday I ended up calling an ambulance as heart racing, pins and needles, sweating, faint and feeling really bad. Turns out to be a side effect of the pills so I have thrown them away. But how can I beat this health anxiety, it is starting to affect my marriage and I feel pretty wretched?

    So if anyone can help with my 2 issues I would be so grateful

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    Re: Dent / Dimple in Breast

    Please can anyone give me a response to my post, it would really help

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    Re: Dent / Dimple in Breast

    Hi, Im no expert at all and have no experience of this breast issue but I too do have severe health anxiety and know I would be freaking out but would be too scared to even go to the doctor so well done you. From an outsider looking in could it just simply be like cellulite dimples you can get elsewhere on your body and we wouldn't normally worry about those? You say you have fatty breast tissue so maybe that is what it is.

    You've seen a breast expert and had a mammogram and that was all clear so it appears it's the good old anxiety getting in the way. Would it be worth contacting the Breast doctor's office and explaining about your anxiety and just ask them to advise what the dimple could be if the other tests were clear.

    Sorry if this is not much help and I really hope you fe better soon.

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