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Thread: How it all started

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    How it all started

    About 3 months ago I was worrying about my own health since losing 2 family members in a short space of 2 years which became a constant worry over say the last 6 months & then one evening I had my first panic attack which lasted about 30 mins.

    During the panic attack I was hyperventilating and felt very light headed and shaky but my heart wasn't pounding like some others seem to get that seems to be a symptom I am missing & also my abdomen muscles went very tight I couldn't move at all.

    Next day I had a Panic attack again because I was worrying about having another but this time my throat was very tight and I was dizzy along with it.

    Since then I have had dizzy spells and neck tension along with stomach issues where I am constipated and have a ache on the upper right side for most of the day.

    I also bloat after eating dinner which i never used to do before this started & I have started to worry that maybe it wasn't a panic attack and maybe the start of something else to do with my stomach

    I have daily throat tightness and this ache on my right abdomen which sometimes goes away if i use the bathroom but it comes back a couple of hours later and I can't stop checking my abdomen for lumps but there are none.

    I noticed too when i stand up my muscles in the front go quite tight but if i lay in bed the release quite a bit.

    My Symptoms are all over the place

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    Re: How it all started

    I never had the heart racing and pounding either. Mine started with the throat tightening. It's bloody horrible. I also need to empty my bowels a lot when panicky. It's the same when I'm over excited lol. It's the fight or flight in us. I too had light headed and dizziness and was shaky. Along with pins and needles in funny places like my palms. And feeling sick. I find my symptoms come and go and new ones appear. X

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