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Thread: Ramipril - Libido

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    Unhappy Ramipril - Libido

    Hi All,

    I was prescriped Ramipril (2.5mg) for blood pressure. Been on them about 2 months and my libido is shot.

    I've had sexual confidence issues for years now, but ive recently met a new girlfriend and each time we have tried to connect, ive not been even close to achieving an erection, let alone sustain one.

    So it's prob a combination but has anyone else experienced this?

    Safe to say if i cant do anything its bye bye new gf and that be a shame cause Ive really fallen for her in a big way

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    Re: Ramipril - Libido

    Think it's definitely worth speaking to GP regarding this. You should also mention effect of new drug to GF and that you're seeking medical advice. You don't want her to feel it's because you're not sexually attracted to her. If she likes you, she should be supportive.

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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    Re: Ramipril - Libido

    Thank you. Ive a blood test acheduked for tomorrow

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