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Thread: Raw meat

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    Raw meat

    I have a fear of raw meat and getting ill from eating it.

    This has made me scared to cook any meat from raw and always checking my meat lately as im eating it to verify that its not raw in the interior.

    Tips are welcome.

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    Re: Raw meat

    Hi! This is actually something I worked on in CBT with my therapist. I was initially unable to cook any meat at all due to a fear of food poisoning. I can do beef now, and am getting there with chicken. We used behavioural experiments worksheets, which were quite helpful. If you aren't familiar with those, give them a google. Another thing that helped me was to have my boyfriend cook a dish with me once, as I trust him to know when something's cooked properly, and then try exactly the same dish on my own the next day, if that makes sense?

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