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    Echocardiogram Results

    So I had an echocardiogram recently and the report came back saying

    "Good LV and RV systolic function. Normal LV diastolic function. No significant valve disease. In summary, the echocardiogram is normal".

    Now this is obviously good news, but there's that phrase, "no significant valve disease". I guess this is just what cardiologists use but it's spiked my anxiety a bit!


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    Re: Echocardiogram Results

    "In summary the echocardiogram is normal" there's your answer buddy, they wouldn't let you walk out of there if you had any form of heart disease.
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    Re: Echocardiogram Results

    Any slight thing they think is bad they'd tell you. Summary says it's normal = okay = you shouldn't worry.

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    Re: Echocardiogram Results

    Normal! Don't worry! Your ticker is healthy
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    Re: Echocardiogram Results

    You just got a clean bill of health. Celebrate
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