Hi there,

Sorry to bother all.. I'm awake at 1am and I'm quite anxious.

What has been running through my mind of late; is the number of years I've been cleaning my house with bleaches/antibacterial sprays (I'm quite the clean freak) without gloves.
My mother never uses gloves and I guess it's just how I've been raised.

It's only in the last couple of years, I've been using gloves and changing my handwashes to paraben & sls free products. I'm also an ocd handwasher.

I'm lying here freaking out about what damage I've done to my body over the past 20 years.
Does it leave your system?

If I diligently reduce use of said products and use alternative methods, would I be able to reverse possible damage?

I'm in the middle of scans for breast lumps, thyroid nodules and I'm hyper anxious.

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