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Thread: Lacking energy and motivation.

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    Lacking energy and motivation.

    I feel like I pretty much know how to calm myself down from panic (not that it always works) but sometimes I just donít have the energy.
    This morning my anxiety was bad, but not so bad that it warranted me working from home instead of the office like I do sometimes. But I really nearly didnít come in because, although I knew that Iíd be able to reduce my anxiety once I was at work, I just thought ďI just donít have the energy to do it, I donít want to spend another morning struggling and even though I know Iíll be fine in the end Iím just too tired to do it againĒ.
    Itís so frustrating because it feels like whenever I make progress (I went to two meetings at work yesterday which I normally struggle with, and one of them ended up being 3 times longer than originally planned) it just feels like it doesnít make any difference. I know that itís a slow process and Iím not expecting to have one good day and then never experience anxiety again but sometimes it feels like I do things that are really hard and make me really anxious because I know that that is better than avoiding them, and it just doesnít make any difference. So I end up thinking, why should I struggle and feel anxious today, when it doesnít feel like I get any benefit out of it in the long run.
    Does anyone else struggle with this sort of thing, lacking energy and positivity about trying to do things which you know you should?

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    Re: Lacking energy and motivation.

    I lack energy, but mine is due to illness. It sounds like you're feeling a bit hopeless. Are you on any mess or seeing a dr for anxiety?

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