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Thread: 1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

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    1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

    Hello - I know people ask questions about diazepam and alcohol reguarly but here we go again!

    I took 1mg prescribed valium last night for anxiety and muscle cramps - I am going to a Wedding tomorrow and was wondering if it would be safe to have a couple of alcoholic drinks. My GP seems to think drinking alcohol after 24 hours would be ok but the leaflet just says no alcohol..
    If I am not feeling sedated by that point is it basicaly ok? - I know that there are compound CNS effects and a very long halflife at play so clearly drinking a lot is not a good idea. I might just not drink at all so I'm not worried that I'm going to stop breathing..

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    Re: 1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

    1mg is the tiniest dose of diazepam . It won't be a problem having alcohol at the wedding.

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    Re: 1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

    I drink alcohol evenings after taking 10mg Diaz in the mornings not a problem but not recommended

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    Re: 1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

    You will be just fine Enjoy the wedding!

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    Re: 1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

    Will be fine, I had a personal experience of taking 20mg Diazepam at once and having 4 Glasses of Whiskey and I felt completely fine. Alcohol should never be mixed with benzodiazepines due to the high risk of Respiratory depression as they are both CNS depressants.

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    Re: 1mg Diazepam 48 hours before alcohol?

    That’s a very low dose of Diazepam, you will be fine!

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