I was on Olanzapine for a couple of months earlier this year. A GP prescribed it when I was anxious, not thinking totally rationally and was having panic attacks. It's an anti-psychotic and it's used in high doses to treat schitzophrenia but lower doses are used to counter anxiety. He put me on Olanzapine rather than anti-depressants because it starts working immediately wheras it can take weeks before you see the positive effects of SSRIs.

I found it helped me while I was taking 5mg at night. It eased my anxiety, had no noticeable side effects and helped me to sleep (though this could be a downside if you take it during the day). I stopped taking it when I felt I didn't need it any more and there were no withdrawal symptoms.

I think it all depends on your GP's preference. Some don't like to prescribe anti-depressants and Olanzapine is an alternative that is helpful to some people. My anxiety and depression came back recently and my current GP has prescribed me Citralopram (SSRI anti-depressant). She didn't seem to consider Olanzapine as an option even though I had been on it before.

If you feel you need another professional's opinion you could always talk to a pharmacist - I've found them helpful in the past.

Hope it works for you,