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Thread: wintertime blues

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    wintertime blues

    Just wondered if anyone like me isn't looking forward to wintertime and those dark mornings and earlier dark nights? I'm a massive fan of GOT and all I can think is "Winter is Coming" haha! But seriously its only September and I'm already starting to feel panicky about things I haven't really though about in ages. I'm sure its all down to dark nights. My husband wants to buy a place abroad and even though I've had anxiety about my skin moles and freckles in the past, this hasn't even crossed my mind until now, and now I'm worrying about the sun, my skin and on the past few flights that I went on, I had anxiety and just wanted to curl up and be left alone. Its like I can feel myself on a downward spiral starting to stress about things again and any slight bumps or sensations in my body makes my HA go into overdrive. Not looking forward to winter - anyone else the same??

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    Re: wintertime blues

    My coworker got me a "happy light" last Christmas and it's been a real help. I usually turn it on first thing in the morning when I am still sitting/laying on my bed and I place it on my nightstand. It's supposed to mimic natural light and allows you to feel refreshed. I also use it in the evenings sometimes and sit next to it for about 10 minutes. I don't know if it's a placebo or something, but I do feel like it does the trick. Maybe look into it if you can?
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