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Thread: Panicking about high bilirubin

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    Panicking about high bilirubin

    I went to the doctor a few months ago for full body itching with no rash. Doc did blood work, results came back normal. Since then, I've experienced upper right quadrant abdominal pain. I revisited the doctor, who didn't seem to take me seriously. Ran more blood work, got a call later that said my bilirubin levels were slightly elevated. my reading was 0.3, and They said their "normal scale" goes from 0.05-0.2, so my 0.3 was a little cause for concern. I have an ultrasound Monday, but am scared I might not make it til then. Im panicking, and if someone could help me understand this, it would make my day. Im also a 23 year old male. Heavy drinker but have cut down substantially in the last two months.

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    Re: Panicking about high bilirubin

    Probably just your gallbladder!

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    Re: Panicking about high bilirubin

    I have had higher results for bilirubin and it turned out it was nothing serious, it then got back to normal after a few blood tests after.

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    Re: Panicking about high bilirubin

    i have a condition cause gilbert syndrome, a benign disorder makes your bilirubin sometimes rise. before he ordered an ultrasound he should of just drawn your blood again to see if it was still out of range

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    Re: Panicking about high bilirubin

    Realistically, it's not that far above normal and the fact you still drink, lends itself to that. Cut out the drink dude...

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    Re: Panicking about high bilirubin

    A blood test is really just like a snapshot in time of a single day in the life of your body. It's normal to sometimes get slightly elevated levels on one test that can normalize on the next. The fact that you had normal results on the prior test indicates that this is probably just a blip. Normally they would recommend a recheck blood test in a few months to see if the levels normalized. I suspect your dr decided to go with an ultrasound simply as a precaution due to your history of drinking. Cuttting out alcohol completely would be your best course of action. I'm sure the ultrasound is only a precautionary measure, and just to make sure everything is alright. The dr is just doing his/her due diligence, that's all. If your dr thought there was something seriously wrong they wouldn't be making you wait until Monday.

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