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Thread: I need general anaesthetic!

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    I need general anaesthetic!

    I have had GA before once to have a hole in my heart repaired. I'm generally healthy...I suffer from hemeplegic migraines and palpitations. I need a GA for an hour long procedure and I'm terrified I won't wake up and see my kids ever again...I know I'm being daft but I need someone to tell me to snap out of it!! So frustrated with myself!

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    Re: I need general anaesthetic!

    General anaesthetic is the safest it's ever been and the amount of serious complications or deaths relating to it is vanishingly small. It's not worth worrying about.
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    Re: I need general anaesthetic!

    Can understand your worry about not waking up, which is a very common fear, but as Server says, GA is not only now extremely safe but you are monitored very closely too. You will be fine.

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    Re: I need general anaesthetic!

    I had this same fear last September when I was put under and honestly it seemed like it was over in a blink of an eye. The chances are so slim like literally almost non-existent for a person in good health! Even not so good of health it is still so rare! You will do great!

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    Re: I need general anaesthetic!

    Thank you all...the operation will be done privately so I will be getting it out the way as soon as I can! Just want it done now!! Thank you x

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