My doctor just changed me from Mitazipina after taking the mirt for 4 or 5 years,to Trazadone, and I have been taking the traz for 15 days now, 100mg at night. The change was done wrongly I feel, no tapering at all, just bang..from one to another.

Im having sleep problems, and sometimes my anxiety is really bad, could be lack of sleep, other days or at least evenings are ok. Yesterday was horrible and I was having the suicidal thoughts and fears, and spikes of anxiety.

I know its still very early days for the Trazadone to be taking effect, and all the things that led to this present condition ( trying to sell my house , fears about relocating back to the UK, and trying to register my house here for letting in the meantime) are ongoing, though I am trying to work through every process.

I would be grateful if anyone with experience of Trazadone would please advise.

Many thanks.