hello, i know i shouldn't look for a diagnosis on here but i've made an appointment for this and it's not until the 18th so i'm anxious about the wait. here are things i've experienced:

constant headache on right side of head, behind right eye that will not go away. right side feels full of pressure, eye feels like it's being pushed out, sometimes waters and sometimes feels too dry?
right upper eyelid is slightly droopier than left, looks fine when i down up but looking forward and up it is very visably droopier, looks like my eyelid is much bigger than the other one and it droops towards the tear duct. i've only recently noticed this.
ears keep popping like it's draining of fluid or something, high pitched ringing on occasion, specifically in right ear i hear wooshing sounds, weird occasions where it feels as though my hearing is muffled.
tiredness, although to be fair my sleeping schedule isn't that great

if it changes anything, a few weeks back i went to a friends house whose mother smokes and i started experiencing chest pain in the middle, soreness when swallowing and eventually flu like symptoms and a cough, a few days later my muscles aches all over. it went away after a while but it's came back, to be honest it never really went away ever since then i've had phlegm and a runny nose and eyes on and off it seems.
but this droopy eye and pain on the right side specifically which is relentless and will not go away is what's worrying me. it's still there lingering in my head. it seems to get worse if i move, bend over, cough, and stare at screens too long. this has been for weeks now. i'm scared i have a brain tumour or unruptured brain aneurysm that's pressing on my eye.
i've asked my friends and family about my droopy eyelid and they've all said it's most likely just asymmetry like everyone else has, but mine looks SO DROOPY at times, like after i wake up or after crying

should i reschedule my appointment so it's earlier or should i just wait, or even cancel? these symptoms seem here to stay but so does my cold and phlegm etc so i'm hoping it's just a side effect of some kind of sinus infection ?

thankyou for reading