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That's just it Elen - it angers me that patients are dumped like this, and if you can't or won't stand up for yourself and fight, you're left to rot.
That is exactly what happens, even when in the system it feels like they are ticking off a number of boxes, nothing more.

A friend's son in my area went to his CPN and GP telling them that he was suicidal. They did nothing to help and a week later his mother found him dead.

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On the flip side, they will get to see better trained people since our IAPT is a stripped down service where staff hold lesser qualifications and therapies are very limited..
They maybe better qualified but I know that in 1 year of appointments every 3 months I saw 3 different people. Each appointment lasted 10 mins and was simply a meds review.

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Yep it was every three months but been cut to every year now for me..
It's hopeless Phil, I was discharged simply because they had nothing to offer me