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Your partner doesnít have a grip of how bad your ocd is, or she wouldnít make poor jokes about cleaning the house. There are different types of anxiety and ocd, like there are different types of potatoes.

All I know Phil is that you know these thoughts are intrusive and wrong. The more you ignore them then the more you can prove them wrong. You have done it before so you can do it again. Ignore the intrusive thoughts and treat the anxiety that then pops up.

Itís easy for me to say so, but I know itís not easy to do. But then neither is living the way we do. Make a choice whether to continue or change.

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So yeah I bought two iron boards and took them back and used the original so I mean thatís maybe good in the sense thatís what people say use the old one but it causes me awful anxiety I feel I need to replace it still. I mean sometimes I beat it like the front door I wonít worry as much now but the issue is sometimes these worries never go away years later. I feel I have no quality of life due to these thoughts yes if I donít replace that may be winning but it doesnít stop the thoughts people say they fade I mean yes they can, and they do but so often they donít and keep popping up ?