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    Hope everyone is well or as well as can be expected.
    I went to the doctors today, been suffering palpatations and tingling hands aswell as general anxiety symptoms. He has given me a phone number of a local help group however I think I want to organise some private behavioural therapy, anybody in the greater manchester area can recommend anyone ? Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Therapy

    If you Google "IAPT NHS" it will give you a link to a search for your local therapy services. You can self refer to most these days.

    It should give you the address and webpage. If not, just get their service name and Google that + your local area and it should find their website. It will be on your local NHS trust's website and local council one too.
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    Re: Therapy

    Whereabout's in Greater Manchester are you? I'm Wigan area and got given a leaftlet for the Leigh area with the number to ring etc. I had a phone appointment on Monday and they have organised CBT they advised it would be around a 4 to 5 week waiting time.

    I'm waiting on more details from them about who I have been referred to but overall they have been great on the phone etc. You can also self refer.

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