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Thread: Last chance!

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    Last chance!

    I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for over
    10 years and tried many medications, I've been on Zoloft the longest 50mg but no dont think it's really helping me have have pressure on my bladder at night which is uncomfortable.. I found this started with citalopram and once I stopped it my bladder improved-- I had to see a urologist and in the end
    Diagnosed myself! After seeing a psychiatrist I was told I could try seroquel orr quietipine. Having tried both with horrible side effects and drowsiness I ended up sticking on sertraline. Now a different pych has recommended Effexor...I am
    abit scared of having to go through the whole side effect thing again annd hhave read some pretty awful I just wasting mmy time and health? This will be my last try at meds as I've learnt there is no miracle meds.


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    Re: Last chance!

    Kat1984 - I've been on venlafaxine for a few months now. I was very anxious about taking it after reading a previous diary someone had left on here.
    I've had depression for over 20 years now and been on and off various different medications that only really helped with the anxiety and not the lack of motivation and negative thoughts.
    Before ven I was taking mirtazapine, and my GP suggested starting ven once I'd got down to the lowest dose of mirtazapine, which I think was to reduce the side effects of getting one out of your system and starting all over with the next. Obviously don't do that with your current medication without speaking to your GP!!!
    With fluoxetine, sertraline and mirtazapine, they all gave me the same initial side effects of low mood, and mixed with my ASD, depersonalisation and horrible anxiety.
    With ven, it was a bit different. I had some depersonalisation, but very little in the way of anxiety and low mood. It was more 'activating' if that makes sense. I felt a bit skittish that, whilst at work and trying to act normal, made me a bit paranoid, but outside it was quite tolerable.
    I'm now on 112.5mg (37.5mg + 75mg) a day, and working my way up to the next step of 150mg. The only side effects now are insomnia and constipation, but nothing that stops me just getting on with life.
    Personally, I regret the times where I just decided to stop as I'm sure there's a medication that does suit me and I'm just delaying progress, but sometimes you need a break from the ups and downs.
    If you do go for it, and your doctor agrees, I found starting on 37.5 every other day (taking at night so main side effects happen whilst asleep) kept the side effects to a minimum.
    Good luck.

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