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Thread: urinary problems and menopause

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    urinary problems and menopause

    Please can anyone help. i have a severe cancer phobia which I have tried very hard to control. The menopause has been hard. I have not had a period for 2 years. 3 weeks ago I had a UTI. I was given 3 days of antibiotics but went back after a week with continued symptoms. When tested thought there was no UTI. My GP suggested I try Replens which I have. the pain however got worse and I was sure UTI was back but no. This time I was given some oestrogen pessaries which she thought might help. So far they haven't and I am getting increasingly concerned. My general mood is very low, I cry at the drop of a hat and I feel exhausted. Not tired but like I can't put one foot in front of the other. I have the need to wee straight after I have passed urine and it doesn't go away. The pressure feels like it is just inside the vagina and is constant. Can anyone relate to this, had similar or offer advice. i feel like I'm going mad. Can this all be due to the menopause? Please can someone offer some help?

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    Please|? Anybody?

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    Re: urinary problems and menopause

    Hey Susie, sorry to hear about the pain you're in.
    I don't know anything about this medically, so I can't help in that way.
    What I do know is, any emotional stress you experience is likely to aggravate physical symptoms (I'm chronically ill, so I really have deep experience of this!)
    One thing you can do is work on your mood. Can you do some nice things for yourself? One extra nice thing a day? Treat yourself well... doing this won't heal your pains, but it could make it less bad.

    I don't know about your symptoms, but there are SO many things it could be. It's unlikely to be anything life threatening. Most likely, it will pass. If the oestrogen pessaries don't work, when are you going to go back to your doctor?

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    Re: urinary problems and menopause

    Hi Susie1,

    Sorry you are going through this! It sounds like it could be hormone related urinary issues. I would suggest seeking out a urologist who specializes in painful bladder syndrome. I deal with this myself and also have severe health anxiety. Iíve begun to be able to see the connection between bladder issues and anxiety/inflammation. Get checked out by the urologist for peace of mind and maybe consider some help w/ holistic med (the medical intervention used w/ PBS can be costly and expensive). Hereís whatís helped me: diet change, biofeedback, physical therapy, acupuncture, TCM herbs, and supplements like aloe pills made especially for PBS, and D Mannose.

    Hope this helps!

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    Also, there’s a site called Healing Histamine. The site author is extremely knowledgeable about Histamine related conditions that include PBS. Worth checking out!

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