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Thread: Tea for stress

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    Tea for stress

    Whenever I'm stressed I drink tea made of : chamomile, Passion flower and valerian root., it does help me to relax

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    Re: Tea for stress

    I love tea, after a really bad panic attack I will have a cup of either camomile or peppermint tea if my stomach feels upset. Im not on any medication but it really does help in the same way taking something would help a friend of mine.

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    Re: Tea for stress

    Totally agree on the camomile. Always brew a cup in the evening to feel a bit more relaxed after work.

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    Re: Tea for stress

    Agree with everyone, another member of the the Chamomile cult here.

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    Re: Tea for stress

    This little fella agrees too...

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    Re: Tea for stress

    I just had bad bout of IBS and peppermint tea has calmed stomach

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    Re: Tea for stress

    I have a problem with drinking tea. Every time I drink tea. I palpitate and I get dizzy? is there any explanation for that?

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    Re: Tea for stress

    Quote Originally Posted by carljoseph View Post
    I have a problem with drinking tea. Every time I drink tea. I palpitate and I get dizzy? is there any explanation for that?
    Could be caused by caffeine. Try decaf tea or herbal tea
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    Re: Tea for stress

    I drink waaaaay too much tea
    peppermint, chamomile, chamomile and honey, night time tea, love tea, its all good (lol)
    its defo important it be naturally caffeinated or have none though as caffeine can have negative effects on anxiety x
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    Re: Tea for stress


    I love tea. It helps me to calm. I drink green tea, black tea and herbal teas like rooibos. I know that green and black tea contain caffeine, but 1 or 2 cups do not cause me anxiety .

    Rooibos is my evening herbal tea and it have a nice taste and is super healthy.
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