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Thread: First-Time Poster worried about Pancreatic Cancer

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    First-Time Poster worried about Pancreatic Cancer

    Hello to anybody reading,

    My name is Thomas, and I'm 17 years old from the U.S. I joined this forum in August in an attempt to calm my fears regarding Testicular Cancer(which I went to get an Ultrasound for which came back all clear). I've had bouts of Health Anxiety for about a year now(roughly 5 different cancers) which have all turned out fine. I've had all the symptoms you can name: headaches, migraines, dizziness, shortness of breath, cramping, bloating, loose stools, hard stools, mucus in stools, nausea, tingling/itching, acne breakouts, heaviness in genitals, absurd flatulence, limb jerks, loss of appetite, bad fatigue, etc. I've also visited a counselor twice to work through my problems. One could say I'm not living like the typical teenager.

    My worry now is Pancreatic Cancer. Absurd, I know. I've found roughly 4 cases of Adenocarcinoma(type of cancer responsible for 95% of Pancreatic Cancer cases) in teens during intensive searches across the internet. But I just can't help but give my health anxiety more attention. I now have gas-like pains all around abdomen and under my rib cage, which seem to be focused around my left-upper abdomen. Flatulence relieves them sometimes. I also have a weird lack of appetite that lasts for many hours after a big meal(longer than normal). I attribute this to a worry of Testicular Cancer though because I associate TC with lack of appetite. I may have slight fatigue but nothing really noticeable.

    I understand this is long and you all have busy lives but I would be ecstatic to have somebody to talk to about this.

    P.S. sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, and if I am please point me to the right one

    Bye for now,

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    Re: First-Time Poster worried about Pancreatic Cancer

    Thomas, these fears are similar to mine, though I'm older than you. All I've been able to do so far is remember that the median age of diagnosis for PC is 70. It isn't impossible to get it at a young age, but our statistical odds (as I understand them) are that it's more than 99% likely that something else is going on. Let me know if you get a diagnose. I am currently waiting on test results.

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