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Thread: Card Making

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    Card Making

    Hi Everyone

    I try to keep my mind busy from making cards .. It is kind of hard as it makes my tension headaches worse at the moment...

    I used to enjoy it but at the moment I donít ... I am keeping at it though ... Just thought I would show some of my cards , obviously they are not perfect lol but still ..

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    Re: Card Making

    I also do a bit of card making, I tend to go through phases.

    Those are lovely the camera one is really cute

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    Re: Card Making

    Thanks for showing them. They are very good.

    My GF starting making her own cards and moved onto embroidery. People at work were asking her to make them after they saw a few.

    Much nicer than normal cards and much much personal with the skill involved and time devoted.

    I can understand how it can be a cycle thing. I struggle committing to stuff with my anxiety and then sometimes I go a bit mad being very productive. The fatigue doesn't help getting into things that take a load of mental energy. Sometimes just getting started and getting things flowing seems to help.
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