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    graduated exposure no longer working

    hi iv been suffering with anxiety/depression and agrophobia for over 20 years now and I was making progress,using graduated exposure I was getting further than ever then from no where out of the blue im back to pretty much square one just struggling 5 mins to main road
    any ideas on therapies etc be much appreciated?
    iv done cbt,cat therapy, mindfulness and currently doing metallisation based therapy but any more ideas id love to hear

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    Re: graduated exposure no longer working

    I've been in your shoes many times so far. I can't say I know why setbacks happen, but they just do. From personal experience, the journey of anxiety doesn't follow a linear path, and you need to rebuild, go from square one, many times over, again and again.

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    I forgot to mention that there is always something that triggered the setback, so perhaps you could look into that.

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    Re: graduated exposure no longer working

    thanks for the reply,i was thinking the same going back to baby steps regarding graduated exposure, its just so hard not to beat yourself up over these setbacks though

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    Re: graduated exposure no longer working

    I know, as the instinct is to blame yourself, but remember all your accomplishments and be proud of yourself.

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