Just looking for some guidance here for anyone who has been through this before. I have been taking 10mg of Prozac for about 10.5 weeks and felt it wasn't enough. I was prescribed it for depression and anxiety. I did have the start up effects, nausea(especially in the morning), insomnia, fatigue, muscle aches, increased anxiety, loss of appetite and so on. I did see some good days on the 10mg but i felt that it wasn't enough as I would slip back into a depressive state, or a blip... I went back to the doctor at around 10 weeks as I was feeling pretty bad.

My dose was increased to 20mg and now im have the side effects all over again, ESPECIALLY the morning sickness. I will start to feel better as the day goes on with bouts of anxiety, but my stomach starts all over again in the morning. I feel i was on the low dose of 10mg for to long and should have done this increase weeks ago. Is it normal to go through side effects again with a dose increase?

Also when should treatment with prozac be considered a failure? i mean i have been on the 10mg for 10.5 weeks and the 20mg for a week, should i give the 20 time to see if it helps? Just so lost in all of this.

Thank you!