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Thread: Relapse need advice

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    Relapse need advice

    I have suffered from panic attacks and GAD since I was a teenager. It was so bad that I became completely housebound at 15 and it lasted for 14 years. I couldnít go anywhere , but with the help of a therapist that came to the house as well as medication I overcame my agoraphobia. I wouldnít say I was completely cured , traveling out of state would bring on terrible panic attacks and occasionally I would have a panic attack going to the store or something , but I would be able to overcome it and it wouldnít bother me. I have been to the point for the past 6 years where I could go wherever I wanted (within the state) and I didnít think twice about leaving the house , I even got married and had two kids, and I have been off all meds for a year. Now , however, I am experiencing what I think is a relapse and I donít know what to do . It came on suddenly , one Friday I took my kids to the mall to go trick or treating we had a great time and I was my usual self . The next morning I was supposed to go to a town about 2 hrs away and I was feeling really anxious and decided not to go. This isnít unusual for me and honestly it didnít bother me much , I knew that long of a drive got to me occasionally and I didnít think much of not going . Then when I was supposed to go to a football game the same anxiety arose and I didnít go. After that I knew something was wrong . I have gone to dr appointments , and shopping , but for the past month I have avoided everything else and cancelled quite a few plans . Now I am absolutely panicked that I ruined al my hard work and I will be housebound again. I am too ashamed to tell anyone in my family because I donít want them to think ď great, not againĒ. There are so many family functions coming up next month and I am terrified of going to them, and of not being able to go. What should I do ? Should I pretend itís not happening and try to not think about it? Do I start exposure therapy again? I really need advice , I canít go back to how it use to be Iím so scared.

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    Re: Relapse need advice

    I wonder whether you should go to the doctor and perhaps get medication. I know that i have lorazapam i use just before social activites that i worry about. I hardly ever use it but just knowing that its there in case helps alot.

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