Ever since I went up to 60mg of duloxetine , I've been having so much trapped wind pains. I get indigestion anyway. Tried taking the tablets with and without food, doesn't really help.

Got worse in the last 2 weeks. I'm on trazodone as well in the evenings, but I've been having the pains since before I started taking it. Does anyone else suffer from trapped wind with this medication?

Think I prefer the trazodone. I tried taking it years ago and got a lot of muscle aches, and increased anxiety, but I'm not having it now. Probably because they started me on too high a dose, I'm on 50mg currently. Worst thing is the groggy feeling the next day but it's ok. Feel better when i'm more sedate! And it has reduced the number of migraines I've been getting! Not completely stopped them but the odd on or two a month is much better than having 2-3 a week!