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Thread: psychiatrist appointment

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    psychiatrist appointment

    hi iv been suffering from what so far iv been told is severe anxiety disorder/agrophobia and depression for just over 20 years now and iv always felt there is more to it than that diagnosis and roughly 5 months ago my then care co-ordinator told me I had a lot of symptoms of emotionally unstable personality disorder and advised me to look it up online to see if I thought it sounded right,after doing so iv discovered it is the same as border line personality disorder and to cut long story short iv finally got appointment with psychiatrist next week to see what he thinks about my current states was until roughly 3 moths ago making slow but steady progress but iv since gone back over in a big way and feel like im losing the plot all together
    just wondering any idea as best way to approach the psychiatrist and any preparation I should make before seeing him,iv been writing symptoms down im currently suffering with but think turning up with a few sheets of paper with all my issues is going to make me look like im making things up or something but writing it down is simply so I dont forget anything when I see hime as iv been waiting around 5 months to see him
    also if you agree on taking my notes in with me do I just list them off to him ?
    I know it all sounds like stupid questions but im a mess at the moment and dont want to come away from there having forgot to mention things
    im little worried about taking sheets of notes in as around 4 years ago I did that and was told they dont want to hear all that, it was not the psychiatrist who said this but a not so friendly member off staffs soon as I took the notes from my pocket she told me to put them away this is reason im dubious of taking notes of my symptoms in

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    Re: psychiatrist appointment

    Hi James

    I think you should take your notes with you if it helps you feel better. Heck, I wrote a whole letter of symptoms to a consultant once and gave it to him in the appointment. I guess it might help if you keep the notes as concise as possible, and maybe write down any questions you have?
    Is there someone who can go with you, perhaps to note down what the psychiatrist says? I think it's often quite hard to remember.

    Best wishes with the appointment, really hope it's beneficial
    'If you're going through hell, keep going' (Winston Churchill)

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    Re: psychiatrist appointment

    Take them and don't get them out until you are face to face with the doctor. Tell him or her that anxiety makes your memory fuddled and if they don't mind, you've jotted a few pointers down.
    Make it concise. One or two words to jog your memory about symptom A, then one or two words for symptom B. So you are actually talking more than reading. Don't go in there with so much paper it looks like War and Peace

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    Re: psychiatrist appointment

    I too would take your notes. It doesn't mean that you are making stuff up at all.

    I find just having notes helps me to remember, it is like the effort of writing down my thoughts forces me to get them in some sort of logical order in my head.

    I hope all goes well for you and that you get the answers you need.
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    Re: psychiatrist appointment

    thanks for all the replies guys,il just write my points down as reminders and explain due to using diazepam just to attend appointment and anxiety making my memory puddled I thought best to write few things down so as not to forget, surely they cant have an issue with that, i know even just seeing a gp or cpn I come away with loads iv forgot to mention and not small things either, its like as soon as you sit down and they start to speak your mind just drifts

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    Re: psychiatrist appointment

    Take the notes , remember the psych is there to help you and will advise on what to do with the notes. He or she is going to give YOU the tools to help heal yourself ( or get a little control over your mind). Its perfectly normal to feel crazy and messed up , you should start worrying when you think you are ok but you really arent. The people who have it really bad dont know they are losing it, the very fact that you can think " i am losing it " is a sure sign that you arent. You cant consciously lose it. Get it ? Just hang in there and focus on growing a new mindset , thats all you have to do.

    There is no cure for what you and i have , because we arent sick , We are just pre disposed to some bad thinking patterns , thats all you have to fix.

    If i came up to you with ten million dollars and said here have it , would you forget even for a minute about your mental issues ? probably . This shows its in you to control it if you have something thats important enough

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