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Thread: Buspar increase ... I知 nakard

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    Buspar increase ... I知 nakard

    So met my doctor yesterday who has suggested it痴 tome to come off mirtazapine slowly... and he has increased my buspar by 10mg in the morning so I currently am taking 15am and 15pm of buspar, 30mg mirtazapine and 350mg quetiapine... I added the 10mg increase of buspar this morning so 25mg and woah I am feeling tired and moody and I haven稚 even started the mirtazapine reduction yet. Might hold off on these until the weekend!

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    Re: Buspar increase ... I知 nakard

    I know this is an old tread, but how did this go? I also have the option of mixing remeron and Buspar.

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    Re: Buspar increase ... I知 nakard

    Quote Originally Posted by ethan-h212 View Post
    I also have the option of mixing remeron and Buspar.
    Neither are first line meds. Are you taking anything else, and if so what and how much?

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