I have a call into my Dr and am going to my psychiatrist later this week, but my panic attacks have been unbearable even with my prescribed dosage of .5mg twice a day. I am also not sleeping and currently increasing Zoloft. I know the Zoloft increase is adding to my anxiety.

For those with similar experiences,do you think increasing the klonopin to 1.5 mg per day would be a bad idea? I have taken klonopin in the past and always was able to taper off successfully. I have been on it (started lower dose) for about 3 weeks. I am very discouraged that it is not helping keep the panic at bay at 1 mg per day.

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I just got word from my doc that I can add half a pill to my current dose as needed for extreme anxiety. Still wondering if any of you have experience taking more than 1 mg/day?