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    Hi I'm Jemma, I'm 42 and live in East Yorkshire! I have anxiety and just started medication a week ago! Looking for people to chat to, either on here or by phone. Would love some friends that understand what I'm going through.


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    Re: Friends

    Hey! I'm 27 from West Yorks. you are welcome to PM me if you wanna chat. Xx
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    Re: Friends

    Hey there! My names Tyler and am 26 from new york. Talk to me anytime

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    Hi Jemma I am also 42 live in lincolnshire and suffering badly with HA brought on by medical testing. I have suffered anxiety and depression most my life but have not had medication due to anxiety against it :-/ but I am willing to listen and understand what you’re going through to a extent as we are all different at the end of the day x

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    Re: Friends

    hey I am emily from manchester.

    also can talk to me anytime

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