I've been trying to research this. Can you get withdrawal symptoms anywhere from 12-24 hours after taking .5mg of clonazepam? I notice anywhere in that time frame after taking a tablet that I feel light headed and get minor head rushes. Especially while driving. I also notice these symptoms more when sitting around watching tv or when at my desk at work. Anywhere within the 1-12 hour mark of taking the meds I feel no physical abnormalities within my head.

I was told by my doctor to take as needed for anxiety symptoms but I find I am taking at least one full tablet a day just to keep the feelings of lightheadedness at bay, even if I'm not in a state of anxiety or panic. That's not addiction is it? I feel that if I know exactly what and when the withdrawal symptoms are occurring I will feel better knowing it's not symptoms of an underlying illness.

I used to be on xanax before this and my doctor said that anxiety symptoms can hit pretty hard once the xanax dose starts to wear off during the day. Idk if clonazepam does the same thing.

I have pretty much had some kind of benzo in my body since the beginning of August if that matters at all.

Any information would be very helpful.


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I have also started to notice very minor headaches here and there as well. So obviously with having health anxiety and all these symptoms and feeling rolled into one I instantly think some sort of underlying neurological disorder.