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Thread: How long after last Ami dose to drink (and smoke)

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    Question How long after last Ami dose to drink (and smoke)

    My name is Andrea and I'm new to the forum. My question has to do with Amitriptyline. I've been prescribed it for insomnia and only take it occasionally, though recently I've found myself taking it more than twice a week. I take 50 mg. Anyway, I'm meeting some friends on Wednesday and I just took it tonight because I was feeling very anxious and couldn't sleep. We are planning to have some beers and I like to smoke when I do so, so I was wondering if I could have some issues regarding the fact that it's going to be like a day and a half after taking Ami (I won't take it tomorrow).
    Appreciate any advice or information... thanks!

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    Re: How long after last Ami dose to drink (and smoke)

    I would strongly advise you to go through this with your doctor. My experience on these meds are not good.

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