Hi there
I am a 37 year old female. Previous good health, never so much as a cold but severe Health anxiety.

This recent bout started in September when I was constipated and started to pass mucus along with stool (have had this before when constipated but about 2 years ago). Although increasing my fibre seemed to ease the constipation I became obsessed with deeply examining my bowel movements and highly sensitive to every twinge in my stomach.

It seems the more and more obssessed I have got with my bowel movements the weirder they have become to the point I don't even know what was ever normal.

I tend to have quite a loose stool in a morning sometimes followed by a few smaller stools-it's not liquid but basically falls apart really easy.

Colour seemed to vary although yesterday and today I have been freaked out as it has been a very pale almost yellow colour.

I visited the doctor who said I had severe anxiety and perscribed citalopram. However they did comprehensive blood test to put my mind at rest and nothing came back.

My anxiety is still sky high and I can't help worrying that the blood has missed something. I seem to get a lot of gas particularly in the evening-no severe pain, just niggles and I feel well in myself-not tired or anything.

Going out of my mind with worry