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Thread: Left abdominal pain fears

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    Left abdominal pain fears

    Last week I started getting left abdominal pain when I walked/sat down and I was pretty sure it was a pulled muscle (Doctor felt around and said it probably was one too). The pain has since gone away but I'm still getting pain in the are when I breathe deeply "into my stomach" (You know how you feel like you can breath into your chest and lower down in your stomach. Sorry if vague.) and when i breathe deeply whilst sitting. Also yesterday I had bad pain there for a few hours (I assumed it was my IBS.). I'm freaking out that I have colon cancer or a bowel injury or something thats causing my pain

    Sorry for poor writing my head is spinning right now. If any clarification is needed i can provide it.

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    Re: Left abdominal pain fears

    Last year I believed I had colon cancer- full blown panic. In fact, I think thatís the worst Iíve ever been. Anyhow, I also had left sided abdo pain and it freaked me out beyond measure- same pain youíre describing. Anyway, I had other symptoms to boot and had a colon cancer. If youíre really worried, you can get a fecal blood test. My best bet is it will be negative and then you can truly put your fears to bed. But even then, based on one symptom that could be caused by so many things, I wouldnít even think itís too necessary. Give it a few weeks...youíd be amazed at how much of this can be in your head (not the pain so much as the amplification of it given fixation on it).

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    Re: Left abdominal pain fears

    Last week I hurt my back on the lower left side. Strained or pulled muscle. It hurt a lot just to move. It has improved a lot and much of the pain has subsided, but as I sit here, if I stomach breathe i get a twinge of pain. If i am sitting a certain way and I open my mouth wide, I get the pain...weird, I know. But my point is, even if the muscle feels healed, it's probably not completely healed. And when you move a certain way you are using that muscle. If the doctor was the least bit suspicious he would have pursued it.

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    Re: Left abdominal pain fears

    Thanks for your replies. I agree that if it was something the doctor would have pursued it. But now im thinking it could be unrelated. Today I had right sided abdo pain and my right leg started aching and just a few minutes ago i got a sharp pain in my pelvis that lasted a few seconds. I feel even more paranoid than I did yesterday. I have another appointment with my doc tomorrow but i'm worried im gonna die in my sleep tonight (silly, i know). Feels like things have been going downhill for me since july last year and i've been slowly losing my mind.It might be worth mentioning I have been diagnosed with IBS but ever since i've been paranoid of it being one of those awful misdiagnoses stories you hear about.

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