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Thread: Bachs rescue remedy - how often?

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    Bachs rescue remedy - how often?

    Hi everyone. Has anyone else who's a nervous flier or traveller used bachs rescue remedy? How often did you use it prior to departure? I know as it's herbal there's no limited usage and in flight I'll take it when I feel I need it but it would be good to gage an idea building up to the flight itself. I go Saturday and started taking some this evening to see if it calmed my thoughts about it and I do feel fairly soothed but it's early days. Should I continue to take it 4 drops 4 times a day or wait until the weekend now?

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    Re: Bachs rescue remedy - how often?

    Hi Stuntman_mike glad it seems to be working yes if you need to before sat by all means take some more on the day it self 30 mins before you board the flght 5 drops in a cup of water makes it more potent and top up during the flight if needed HTH ATB

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    Re: Bachs rescue remedy - how often?

    It has no effect beyond placebo, so take as much as you want. (PS, placebo is real and quantifiable so it doesn't mean it's worthless if it works for you)

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    Re: Bachs rescue remedy - how often?

    Hi melfish while I know what a placebo is are you saying that Rescue Remedy is exactly that and nothing more? The active ingredients do actually work I know this to be true as I have used it on my dog for over 5 years now during bonfire season (which seems to be longer now a days!) and it does really take the edge off her fear of these darn things so I am totally convinced that it's doing what it should do with out Rescue Remedy she wouldn't cope and be in a mess ATB

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