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Thread: Do we overthink going out more than non-anxious people and stay home?

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    Do we overthink going out more than non-anxious people and stay home?

    I was interested in other people whose anxiety led to agoraphobia, giving their thoughts on this.

    Because I feel like non-anxious people just go out. It's normal to get dressed and just go out! I can't do this. I feel rubbish so I fear the worst happening all the time. I'll picture myself driving there, having to find a park, having to go into the mall, having to walk around in the open, having to go into the store, by that time feeling anxious and unable to focus, then I will hurriedly look for what I came in for, all the while panicking, then I have to stand in a queue, and on and on this story goes in my head. When I do go out, to the mall, which I struggle the most with, I feel accomplished but exhausted.

    And because I do all this mental gymnastics before even stepping out, I don't step out. Even in my rational brain I know I can't accurately predict the future.

    People say they get anxious at the place but I usually start feeling anxious before I even go anywhere, just thinking about it makes me anxious. I've had periods where I went out consistently and didn't do all this pre-thinking so it definitely rears its ugly head when I've been housebound for more than a few weeks, again.

    So my question is, does anyone else THINK obsessively about going out and that's what stops you? Does feeling anxious prior to go out stop you? I just feel like if I feel rubbish at home, I will feel ten times worse in the situation. Who else feels like this?

    Today I am deliberating obsessively about driving 10 minutes up the road to the mall and buy a dress instead of buy it online because it's a waste of money if I hate it. But it's so much better for my well being if I go to the store. I tell myself "if you don't go, you don't grow" and "yes you probably will feel terrible because you have felt terrible every single other time" I go out HOPING not to panic, instead of accepting that I probably will and what matters is going through it, not resisting it- which is obviously VERY HARD.

    What are your helpful thoughts you tell yourself when you've decided to beat this thing and go out?

    Thanks for reading
    Do it afraid. All fear is but the notion that God's love ends. "When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy." Psalm 94:19

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    Re: Do we overthink going out more than non-anxious people and stay home?

    Wish I could write a more helpful reply but for now just know you're not alone in feeling like this

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    Re: Do we overthink going out more than non-anxious people and stay home?

    Mine starts when I set foot outside the door. Or, I guess if I know for sure I could do with going somewhere, like the doctors, then I probably feel the same as you. Because I know I'll start feeling bad once out. Maybe not the same thing.

    Just trying to expand my comfort zone now. It's kind of working. You could do the same I guess, but instead imagine going short distances perhaps.

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