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    Dry tongue wreaking havoc

    Sorry for the long post. D:
    This time last year, I started having difficulty swallowing liquids, which then went to solids and I started to panic at everything that went into my mouth. February of 2017 I had two weeks of where I ate nothing but jello and took the tiniest sips of water. :(

    During this time, I started lurking NMP and read about how to cope with the anxiety, how to calm myself down. This helped immensely and I gradually went back to eating semi-normally. The thought was always at the back of my head, but I pushed through, I wouldn't let it take control. Of course, I had flare ups, but it never happened like the first few times.

    Now, yesterday, I encountered a new monster. Though, not entirely new, it made sleep unachievable and write this with tired eyes.
    - My tongue has been doing this thing where it sticks to the roof of my mouth. It almost feels as though my whole tongue is trying to get stuck and it sends me into a panic- especially last night, it was the worst. As I laid down, trying to sleep, I couldn't close my eyes but just for a few minutes because my tongue would rest at the roof of my mouth, move just a little bit, and I would get jolts of panic sent down my body, making my heart race, stomach hurt, making everything magnified.

    I tried mouth breathing and it was a no go, I was too stressed so it kept repeating. It doesn't help that it takes forever for me to fall asleep.

    My tongue is dry from my excessive swallowing (what's new), and I still deal with liquids making nervos. At this point, it also hurts a tad (which I'm guessing is the dryness part).

    I do not have insurance and I'm not in the position to go to a doctor, haven't been to one in years unfortunately. Dentist however, I have been there (said goodbye to my wisdom teeth May of last year) and had a oral cancer check and was fine.

    I am a sufferer (diagnosed) of severe acid reflux, gastritis, gout, hypothyroidism (I was on a low dose), anemia...and gosh, the list could go on. I also get phlegm constantly in my throat.

    My difficulty swallowing flare ups seem to happen when I don't eat very well/overeat/or eat greasy foods. I try to limit these things, the last few days I've ate pretty bad. I do not drink alcohol.

    Anyone have tips on trying to sleep without your mind thinking your tongue is trying to kill you? Or any idea what I can do to make my tongue not so...dry/stick to the roof of my mouth? D:

    **I should also note that I'm constantly trying to move my tongue in a position that keeps it away from the roof my mouth.
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