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Thread: Realistic Expectations of CBT

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    Realistic Expectations of CBT

    I've got severe constant anxiety, including permanent stomach pains and total inability to concentrate. I have tried to handle it myself but it's not going well and right now I see that it's affecting my work and family life.

    I have tried relaxation & calming exercises, breathing exercises, physical exercises, bought a new bed, changed diet, put myself in positive situations when possible. Whatever I do, each new day I wake up and within a few seconds I get my stomach turning and my mind racing and thats my day gone.

    With that in mind I've decided to organise a few CBT sessions and my first one is on Friday.

    The problem is that I see CBT as my final solution, if it doesn't work there, there isn't a next step for me. I will not do any medication as I spent my childhood on medication (not MH related) and I also have an addictive personality.

    Now I know that CBT is not a magic pill (and even the pills aren't that magic). I'm going to the CBT with an open mind and heart, and ready to do what is required but I'm concerned that I'm putting too much pressure on this therapy.

    What preparation (mental or otherwise) should I do before going? I really want this to work and I want to give it the best chance to.

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    Re: Realistic Expectations of CBT

    Be honest, be open, remember they've dealt successfully with a lot of people like you before and trust them, be prepared to say if you think a particular exercise isn't working so you can try something else (but don't give up too easily), don't expect to be "cured" but to have a more healthy relationship with your thoughts at the end of it, give it time, do your homework, don't be put off by blips and relapses, and remember you can go back for more or try slightly different things in the future, it's not your last chance.

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    Oh and if they start by talking about things you think aren't relevant trust them... the groundwork has to be laid before getting on to your specific fears.

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    Re: Realistic Expectations of CBT

    CBT has different forms so even if one doesn't do enough, there are others to try. That's worth remembering. Newer forms have emerged since it's inception such as DBT for personality disorders, ACT, etc.

    Also, from my own experience I found my first CBT course to be ineffective but then I found something which did help and starting achieving goals from the CBT I had finished. Prior to this they were all brick walls. And to honest, if I had CBT after that it would have helped me much more as I was engaging with it all better.

    So, even if it doesn't do enough the first time, don't right off trying again. I just wasn't in the right place the first time.
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