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    Throat sensation

    Lately I've had a sensation in my throat like something is in the (like I need to burp it up but nothing comes up) also now and then makes me feel short of breath.. I do have gastritis but don't no if this is related it's really annoying me now and in havent slept for a few days because of it ..

    It's just a weird sensation and I keep swallowing a d coughing yo move it but nothing moves ??
    trying in little steps

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    Re: Throat sensation


    This problem is quite common, I get it also. I've had gastritis diagnosed in the past, but don't have it at present. For me it's due to low stomach acid. To get rid of the sensation, I chew on some raw, peeling ginger and it fixes the problem in a short period of time. I keep some by my bed in case I wake up with it.

    I also take 1 tsp of raw cider vinegar in half glass of warm water half and hour before meals, to promote stomach acid and digestive enzymes with my meal.

    It's worth a try

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    Re: Throat sensation

    Will look at that xx
    trying in little steps

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