Hi all

When you joined NMP you would have been sent a welcome PM/email detailing how to use the forum.

I would like to remind members about certain parts of this message again to re-iterate some points I make in it.

Firstly - don't be overwhelmed by the size of the forum. There are different forums (and sub-forums) for various problems and I appreciate that it will take time to look around and get a "feel" for the place. If you want to know how to post, reply or do most things on here then please read the "sticky" threads at the top of the forum entitled "Contacting NMP with comments, questions & concerns, How To's and Technical help". Those threads should contain everything you need to know.

The administrators of the forum are all here to ensure the smooth running and they can do such things as reset passwords, move or remove and edit posts. If we feel that a thread has been added to the wrong forum then we will move it to the appropriate one.

Please select the most relevant forum for your problem. Apart from the obvious Panic/Anxiey/OCD/Phobia forums we have sub-forums for such things as:

IBS/stomach/bowel problems
Palpitations/heart worries
Throat/ swallowing problems
Female/Male health worries
Medical Tests
etc etc

Please do NOT post every thread in the Health Anxiety forum.

No More Panic is not a medical forum so please do not post asking for specific medical advice on a subject.

Useful tips:

At the very top of the page is a "Search facility". If you want to find all posts about a particular subject then enter the relevant keywords. You may find that someone has already posted a reply to your question. Please use this frequently so we avoid too many duplicated threads on the site. I spend a lot of time directing people to things that we have already covered and they can be easily found by searching for them. Thanks.

If you click on "active topics" (at the top of the page), you will see all new posts since your last visit. You can change this to view posts in the last hour or up to the last 2 months. It is useful to use when you come back to the site and can see who has posted since you were last there.

Please try to make your Subject as informative as you can. A topic of "hello" or "help" does not give anyone an indication of what the thread may be about. It is easier to browse through the topics if the subject expresses what it is about. Please try not to post the same message under several topics as it is hard to collate all the replies then.

Please read the website pages on the main Home page as there is loads of information and advice and this should be your first place of viewing on here.

Finally - the boring but necessary bits you need to know:

1) Please respect other forum members and make sure you read the forum rules at:


2) We do not allow members to sign up purely to advertise their own services, products or post links to any sites that we have not yet verified. If these are posted in your signature or on one of your posts then they will be removed.

3) Please note that we also do not allow people to sign up purely to advertise websites offering cures for money and/or affiliates of such sites and these will be removed if posted in your main post or in the signature.