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Thread: Spiralling - seizures, testicular cancer, bowel cancer

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    Unhappy Spiralling - seizures, testicular cancer, bowel cancer

    Hi everyone

    January has not been a good month health anxiety wise... I've done "dry January" as I believed alcohol was causing anxiety but, 24 days in, it seems my anxiety is worse (I was a weekend only drinker


    Brain tumour/seizure worries
    Last year in work, I remember a colleague (a Pharmacist specialising in Neurology) telling us about a very rare case report where somebody had "goosebumps" (and other symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy) that was actually a glioblastoma. At the time, I remember "saving" this memory in case I ever got weird goosebumps that could mean seizure. Well, I've noticed for the last few months (and only now it's started to worry me) that I'll get a sensation of goosebumps on the top of my right thigh only. It lasts only 1-2 seconds. I'm worried this is a seizure. I do remember getting similar sensations on my head before, but these went away. I don't think I'm cold when this happens, but maybe I am?

    Testicular cancer
    My right testicle has had pain in it for 1 week. No lumps, no blood in semen.

    Bowel cancer
    Been constipated again... Worried this is bowel cancer.

    I know I sound like a nut case. But I'm genuinely worried. I asked one of my good friends (a colleague) what they thought. They looked at me like I had five heads, but told me to go to the doctor in case the testicular pain is an infection....

    Any advice appreciated, especially about the seizures..

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    Re: Spiralling - seizures, testicular cancer, bowel cancer


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    Re: Spiralling - seizures, testicular cancer, bowel cancer

    Quote Originally Posted by RadioGaGa View Post
    Goosebumps arent signs of a seizure. Testicles can develop cysts that cause pain, but typically go away on their own. If you had bowel cancer your stomach symptoms would be worse than constipation. I have constipation all time. Please quit listening to other people whom are not your doctor

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    Re: Spiralling - seizures, testicular cancer, bowel cancer

    You're connecting extremely common, daily symptoms with extremely rare diseases.

    I'm not sure what anybody can tell you here that you don't already know.

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