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Thread: Strange side effects

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    Strange side effects

    Hi all.

    I've been on paroxetine for a few months now and am struggling with some strange side effects.

    Firstly I have a constant blocked nose, to the point of not being able to breath through it at night.

    The other is a complete loss of libido. I still think about sex but the drive to fulfil it is just not there. Ejaculation takes a lot longer as well.

    Any one else with these?

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    Re: Strange side effects

    The blocked nose is a new one on me. But regarding the other issue it would appear you have joined in the low libido gang, normal stuff for paroxetine takers. Happened to me too tho I have now been on them for 27 years and currently tapering them off. If you read people's comments regarding loss of libido and Paroxetine you will see they are common place. I wish you well. Take care.

    Another day.
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    Re: Strange side effects

    Fenugreek tablets really helped me with libido

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