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Thread: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

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    My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    Many here know my wife suffered a very serious illness in 2016. She is recovering but there's still a long way to go and it's apparent she'll never be the same as she was before.

    One of the things this illness didn't take from her is her creativity and love of making jewelry.

    It was very encouraging to see her get back to creating jewelry and her work is beautiful! Please visit her Etsy page and if you're a fan of Grace and Frankie, you'll love her stuff because it's very much like what Frankie wears on the show

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    Re: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    Very elegant! Much of it reminds me of what my grandmother wore. Beautiful!
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    Re: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    Very nice looking stuff! If anybody know's about ladies jewellery it's me!
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    Re: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    She is incredibly talented, FMP. You must be very proud of her work and of all she has achieved, particularly in view of the gravity of her recent illness.

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    Re: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    ...beautifully presented on Etsy too, very professional. It is LOVELY stuff and such a wide range of things she does!

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    Re: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    Just came across this thread... Mrs Fishsky is most talented and creative

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    Re: My Chiquita's Jewelry and Art

    Wow! She's talented

    I used to make jewellery - but NOTHING as good as this. She's got good ideas and uses high quality stuff - well priced, too.

    The Grace and Frankie comparison is a great idea for marketing - definitely made me want to click. I LOVE Frankie, I hope I grow up to be like her, though my friend says I'd be a combo of both of them (I think it may be the love of martinis...! that makes me like Grace!)

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